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Advertising research Pre-test Qualitative: impact evaluation.
content evaluation. Quantitative: impact evaluation.
content evaluation. Post-test: Evaluation of spots in terms of impact, recall and campaign strong points. Tracking: Systems continuously monitoring advertising effectiveness and its impact on brand image.
Research and On-line Panels In Gimark, we have a wide experience in the use of technologies and providing services for online surveys and developing and maintaining online panels...
Web Analytics Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.
Corporate Social Responsibility In recent years, and all around the world, a wide range of organizations, institutions and governing bodies of all kinds, have created initiatives that promote the incorporation of social responsibility in business strategy, and by extension, the strategy of every organization social and political (trade unions, foundations, NGOs, political parties, local governments or central).
Customer Relation Management Quality surveys are being carried out on an ever-increasing scale due to the central role played by the client in new business practices, increased competitiveness, globalization of the markets and broader application of quality standards such as ISO 9001, which require this type of survey to be conducted.
BIG 20 In the current situation, to know what the working environment of the company is, what are the views and perceptions about their work by the employees, who make up the working environment of the company, is a strategic need to improve goals, develop improvement actions and evaluate results in the process of increasing customer satisfaction and work atmosphere.

What is Gimark?

GIMARK, Research and Marketing Agency, is a Spanish Company whose focus area is market and social research.

Our experience and a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals permit us to offer the entire range of service necessary to carry out all types of research.

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